Stress Relief for Narcissist Victims  


You know who you are...

You feel the anger, fear, pain, and sadness of those around you...

You feel responsible for everyone and everything - that responsibility was thrust upon you.

You feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.

You find it hard to discern which emotions are yours and which are not.

You've been GASLIT into believing what you feel isn't real.

You FEEL everything.

And, right now there is a lot to feel.

The anger...

The fear...

The uncertainty...

The stress...

It doesn't have to be this way...

I Can Help You!

I get it.  I FEEL everything, too.  

When I said NO to narcissistic abuse and yes to lifemy stress level was through the roof.  

This Stress-Free Toolkit contains the tools and resources I used to feel relaxed, expanded and hopeful (instead of bursting into tears). 

I released my trauma and now help people just like you to do the same.

When you heal yourself, you heal your children, your family, your friends, the world.

I want this for you.  So, for now, I'm including one Heal Yourself,  Health the World, one-hour group healing session on Zoom webinar.  These sessions are impactful, anonymous, and $100, each Monday morning.

Your Bonuses

(For a limited time)

Healing Meditation for Empaths

This is for you!  Relax and let worry and stress fall away.
Value $27

Relax, Recharge and Sleep Meditation

Sometimes what you need most is a good night's sleep.  This is for you! 
Value $27

Free Yourself from Stress & Anxiety

In this book, you'll learn...
*To identify what's fueling your stress & anxiety. It's not what you think!
**To end the internal conflict that stresses and exhausts you.
***The shift that will change everything!
****A simple effective way to quiet the mind
Value $97

When You Need More Time, the First Step is a Plan

In this first PDF, you'll learn the strategy...
In the second PDF, you'll activate the plan.
2 PDFs
Value $17

A Stress-Free Diet

What you need and what you need to avoid to feel better--TODAY
Printable PDF 
Value $7

Boost Your Immunity

14 Keys to Boosting Immunity for You and Those You Love
Printable PDF 
Value $7

At Home Stress-Busters

Take action immediately and do something you love!
Printable PDF 
Value $7

Here's What You'll Receive

Your Stress-Free Toolkit 
(sells for $297) includes...

  • ​FIVE proven "tools" to immediately banish stress
  •  Flexibility to choose the right tool for the right job
  • ​Immediate, unlimited access to suit YOUR needs
  • ​Calm and Peacefulness, even in the craziest of times
  • ​No more stress ruining family time
  • ​Mental quiet, freeing you to find CLARITY

Plus 8 Bonuses!

Total Value $586

Why the timely special bonuses and massive discount?

When I was stuck in quicksand, I was beyond stressed. 

I had no hope, no idea where to turn for help. 

 I had no idea if help even existed. 

 It didn’t. 

 That’s why I’ve created it for you.

If we haven't met, let me briefly introduce myself.
Hi!  I'm Dr Melissa!

Meet Dr Melissa Kalt, MD

Dr Melissa is a Trauma Expert, Top Doctor, Master Healer , and Antifragile Narcissist Survivor who brings awareness and healing to other narcissist survivors.

Dr Melissa is a graduate of the Medical College of Wisconsin – triple-board-certified in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Lipidology. She was voted to the US Best Doctors™ list by her peers year over year 2009-2018. 

By 2012, Dr Melissa had achieved every goal on her over-achiever to-do list, yet was miserable.  She began an extraordinary journey that solved her most unsolvable problem. 

Dr Melissa got really clear about who she was, who she needed to be, and what needed to change. She identified, then extracted herself from several narcissistic relationships and committed to healing her family’s trauma.

By extracting the illusion and getting clear about the truth of who she was – everything changed. In 2018, Dr Melissa made the leap to expand beyond the limits of traditional medicine and left her 20+ year medical career to follow her Why. That same year, she found her forever partner in love and business, whom she married in 2019.

Now I am on a mission to help others just like you.

Need more info?
I know my happy clients can say it better than I ever could…

((Work with me is elite and discreet.  Last names abbreviated for privacy.))

Heidi M.

Experience of a Lifetime

"Melissa's strength is in making the intangible clear and present. In a world of self-help culture, her series of books takes you on a journey inside of Self and puts you on the path to authenticity and truth. It's like having your best friend take you on the experience of a lifetime."
LuAnn M, DO

Even Better Than the First Book!

Even better than the first book! Very practical, relevant information that gets you thinking outside the box. The information and suggestions make a lot of sense!
Jen S.

Wow!  Amazing Book!

"Wow! Amazing book! I truly enjoyed reading it…and not just because of my interest in the content, but also because of the writing style. Dr Kalt’s humor, personal honesty, and real world examples of our human experiences made the material very relatable and easy to read/digest. I didn’t want to put it down. Most importantly, she presented some typically complex, unfamiliar material in a simple, interesting and very understandable way. I can imagine steering my clients to this e-book just to expand their understanding of their own mind-body connection relative to their life experiences."
Cathy R, MA, LMFT

Shawna B.

I Am Beyond Grateful

Melissa is highly skilled, intuitive and she embodies it all.  Her knowledge and compassion make working with her efficient and you are being treated with the utmost respect, love & care.  I was tired of feeling at war with my divine masculine and feminine. This constant struggle of doing and feeling guilty...I am beyond grateful for Melissa's expertise, intuition & compassion as she led me through a powerful exercise that helped them communicate, realign and balance. The insight and visions I received were of epic proportions. This is a huge game changer for me and I highly recommend working with Melissa. 
 Nicolette T.

Excited About the Future

“When I first learned about Melissa’s work I was at the lowest point of my life. The personal struggle I had was far beyond anything I could have dealt with on my own. Since making an appointment with her, it was one the best decisions I’ve made. I cannot put into words the impact she has made on my journey to discovering myself and accepting every aspect of that. She helped me to look into myself and used colorpuncture to align my body. Physically and spiritually these were awesome tools. She also used chakra work and guided meditation creating an awareness I never thought I could have. I feel more balanced, controlled, and strong. I went from a dark place to a happy, hopeful person ready and excited about the future.” 
 – Lori R

Powerful Capability to Heal

“Melissa is very strong; and is very fast moving. I went to her with right knee pain, which I thought might be arthritis, and paralyzing fear about a workshop I was offering. Within two weeks she had me accessing a Mastermind group matched to my goals and aspirations. Within a month, the enrollment to my workshop had doubled! And my right knee was comfortable once again.

Melissa is always creating and making things happen: she’s a mover and a shaker. At the same time, she has a presence that’s very human, very loving: she’s able to share her sensitivity and is very approachable. It allows me in to make a connection with her and build a sincere relationship with her. From that place of authentic connection, watching her create with such grace and spaciousness inspires in me the confidence that I can do the same.

There is a way in which when I come to coach with Melissa, I have the safety and comfort of knowing that she has the expertise of conventional medicine. She also has a way of understanding the peculiarities of my specific condition from a much vaster perspective using alternative and complementary therapies. And in a way that is difficult to articulate clearly and precisely, she brings an energetic understanding and powerful capability to heal things from their core or source; and then the healing spreads to all the other levels. Her intuitive guidance is so often spot on, it is uncanny. With that kind of accurate clarity, transformation takes place often at an almost miraculously fast pace and deeper level.”
– Dr Michele S., MD

A Must Read!

Dr Kalt's work is a one-stop-shop. She blends traditional medicine with complementary therapies to truly address the whole being. I understand now why so many don't find true healing. They don't get to the root! This book truly integrates mind, body, and spirit in an easy-to-read way. A must read!
Dan S.

Giving This to My Daughters

This book is a revelation to high achievers in our society. The writing is so easily understood and relate to. Giving this to my daughters.
Antonia M

I'm More Relaxed...

 Before having clarity about my Why, I was overwhelmed by the myriad of opportunities before me and was easily distracted. I felt a sense of being in over my head. After doing Align with Why work with Melissa, I'm more comfortable, more relaxed, and traveling lighter. I easily determine what is mine to do and walk past everything else without second-guessing myself. I no longer wonder what I missed, because I know I'm doing the right thing at the right time. " 
 Shawna B.

Living Life Fully Opened Up

" Life changed for me after discovering and trusting my “Why” through coaching sessions with Melissa!!! Prior to our coaching session, I could feel my “Why” but could not fully bring it into the light, I felt out of alignment, frustrated, a certain dullness ~ my life was good AND I could feel a higher potential I longed to be in coherence with. Once my “Why” was named life could now organize around living my “Why”. Living life fully opened up, people I met, opportunities came my way ~ it feels like what I longed to align with could now find me. If you truly want to have a breakthrough I highly recommend working with Melissa. " 
Nicola H.

I Felt Soothed, Calmer...

"I had the fortune of spending some time with Melissa the same week I was preparing to move. So many tasks and worries. I wasn't getting much sleep and was feeling uncomfortable physical symptoms. Melissa was able to get to the heart of the matter quickly. She helped me understand what was going on with me physically/mentally/energetically and offer me advice and techniques I could apply immediately. I felt soothed, calmer, and better prepared. Aside from this move, I had been experiencing chronic stress. I know the plan Melissa laid out for me will serve me well going forward." - 
Mary S

...Stopped Bothering Me Completely

The first time I reached out to Melissa for her support was when I was working on a persistent and quite bothersome work-related situation that had prevented me from moving forward with ease and maximum efficiency.

As any brilliant and conscious individual who is not willing to resign into any limitations, I applied all my skills and capacities that I already had to get past the certain situation. I asked Melissa for her support when I realized that I was still at the effect of the situation and did not see the full scope of possibilities.

I was amazed how Melissa in a relatively short conversation was able to help me expand my perspective, see my blind spots, and to address the real underlying cause of the issue that kept me attached to a specific interpretation of the events.

By the end of our conversation, what bothered me, stopped bothering me completely. What is more important, I began seeing options and possibilities that I had not seen before. That was as if I got smarter, and more mature, capable and effective in a blink of the eye.

Moreover, I grew in this process tremendously as a person and gained more wisdom and internal strength to overcome similar situations in the future and beyond.

I had two more similar powerful experiences with Melissa when I was working on implementing certain lifestyle changes.

I definitely recommend Melissa as your support, especially if you are working on breaking through in a specific area of your life. Natalika L.

Inspires Freedom

“Melissa is a modern day Medicine woman with extraordinary intuitive insight. She embodies the astute wisdom of a medical doctor, complimented with her soulful gifts to recognize the deeper cellular healing needed.  

I came to Melissa seeking support to move forward in an area of my life I was feeling particularly stuck in, despite working on and through issues for years. After Melissa completed my session I felt free to move in my life unimpeded from the memory of past experiences long held in my body.  

Connecting with Melissa is a gentle, kind, compassionate, and informative experience. She uses her wise medical intuitive assessment describing accurately the anatomy that cleared and the correlating “issues in the tissues” revealed. Melissa provides evolutionary healthcare that is much needed today! Thank you Melissa for sharing your authentic work that inspires freedom to be our True Self!”
– Mary S


“Finally, a doctor who gives us the whole truth and nothing but the truth! I really enjoyed reading Dr. Kalt's book Release the Symptoms, Free Yourself. After years of seeking diagnosis after diagnosis from allopathic medicine (with no solutions), I am relieved to hear there is an expert out there who understands the biology from an advanced perspective. We have so much to learn from our symptoms, and Dr Kalt offers a wise and productive way of listening and interpreting our bodies signals. I sense we are already on the brink of new science for health and Dr Kalt is ready to take us there. Thank you!”
Ellie B

Revealing How We Can Heal

Melissa shares her vast knowledge and experience of healing with compassion and humor, deciphering the mind-body-spirit connection in creating trauma and disease and revealing how we can fully heal. This is an excellent book.
Dawn T

What a Simple, Yet Profound Book!

 "What a simple and yet profound book! I am so appreciative of how Melissa incorporates aspects related to sleep that are a complete shift in perspective from just about everything else we've heard up until now. And I love her conversational way of writing, including some humor to help us see things in a different way; like she's right here beside me, encouraging me on. Yay - come on, sleep!" 
Debby J

This Book Has Jolted Me!

"Dr. Kalt has very beautifully simplified so many complex topics, trauma, neural pathways, and ‘freeze’. I have not read a book written by a medical professional fully in one sitting before this one! She has also traversed very easily from western medicine to holistic thinking. The book is eminently readable, very to point and totally speaks to one because of the personal stories and real life examples Dr. Melissa Kalt shares with her unique, warm style. This book has jolted me! Now, I feel like I need to shake myself and get a closer look at ‘me’, and things that matter." 
Sandhya K

Healthiest and Most Vibrant Self

“Melissa brings a rare and special combination as both a doctor and an intuitive. She is thorough and precise in her approach and uses tools to catalyze change for her clients in powerful and elegant ways. She cares deeply about her clients and empowering them to live as their healthiest and most vibrant self.”
–Shannon J

Gamechanger for Sleepless Nights

"Melissa Kalt's book Free Yourself From Insomnia is a game-changer for those who suffer with the debilitating pattern of sleepless nights. Rather than focusing only on one aspect of improving sleep, she focuses on how the entire mind, body, spirit matrix interacts, to bring you back into alignment with your true and authentic self.

We all feel resistance about changing some of our habits... even when we know it would help. I love Melissa's approach to creating a new relationship with that resistance. Melissa really understands insomnia, and the guidance she offers and the reflection questions she asks, connect you with the wisdom of your spirit as your guide, supporting you to open the places you are stuck in your life so you can create the life you are meant to be living, ultimately allowing you to relax into healthy sleep at night."
Jennifer Z

Finally, Some Answers and Solutions!

" I love this book! I am going to gift it to everyone I know suffering from fatigue. Finally, some answers AND solutions !!!

Dr. Kalt's holistic explanation of how internal dialogues and conflicts can literally "drain" us offers a whole new way of addressing the problem of fatigue.

The book is a deceptively quick read packed with a wealth of information, examples, solutions and practical tools. After reading Free Yourself from Fatigue I now have a pathway, I can start today, to free myself from feeling tired all the time and transform my life. THANK YOU, Dr. Kalt!!! "
Jenny T

The Work Is Truly Remarkable

Melissa rightfully deserves the title WU Expert (Wellness Universe Expert) as she helps to support transition through overwhelm. From first meeting Melissa and her learning of her highly esteemed background as a triple board certified physician, just added to my confidence in her. Melissa has taken the lessons of life and from education to stand in her calling. Melissa, I applaud you for supporting women to be their best for themselves, their family, loved ones and the world. Your experience is jaw-dropping and your support to help transform lives is reliable and the work you do is truly remarkable. The world would be at a loss if you were not guided to help in the ways you do! I HIGHLY recommend Melissa and her services if you need a speaker or coach, do not think twice. 
Anna P

Extraordinary Presence

“To every coaching session, Melissa brings an extraordinary presence with her gifts of empathy and compassion and deep connection. She creates the conditions allowing us to feel safe while exploring the vast reaches, including the light, the shadow and the dark, of our own souls. Melissa acknowledges us where we are, and joins in our conversation with our entelechy to help guide us to where we are yearning to go to manifest a life of well-being and balance and actualization.”
Dawn T

It Is the Smoke of the Fire

“What I like the most is that Dr. Kalt brings the wisdom of two worlds of medicine together. If you believe that there is a better way to 'fixing a disease' with a tablet or surgery, try this book first. I really like the analogy of how we are sourcing the answers to so many of our bodily misalignment in places that could never give us a sustainable solution. It absolutely makes sense that many of our health conditions are merely the symptoms, the signals of something else going on. It is the smoke of the fire. This book will help you find the fire so you can address the root cause of your condition. The best part of this approach described in this book, is that it will automatically have the ripple effect on all other aspects of your life. This book is written with the humor and in a simple language with no heavy medical terminology. It was very easy and intriguing to read. Highly recommend as a way to open up to new possibilities!”
Natalika L

Guides Us Through the Root Causes

"Melissa guides us through the root causes of insomnia and underlying stresses that cause us to weaken or break down on a mind, body, or spirit level. Her insight and knowledge is invaluable in order for us to heal each of these aspects. A must read and a great reminder on how our thoughts can affect us in every way." 
Linda G

Easy and Enjoyable to Read

Melissa Kalt delivers valuable information through facts and personal experience, with the added credibility of being a triple board certified physician. Easy and enjoyable to read. You'll learn things you can put to use immediately.
Sara S

Things I Can Begin Immediately

Dr. Kalt gives strong practical advice ...quiet your mind through your senses... remove false core beliefs that tire your spirit. These are things I can begin doing immediately.
Patricia N.

It's Probably Not What You Think!

Dr. Kalt's approach to identifying and understanding the root causes of fatigue is a breath of fresh air. By showing readers how to truly learn what is causing their fatigue (and it's probably not what you think!), she offers solutions that actually get to the root of the problem.
Sandhya K.

...Lead to Big Change in My Life

“Melissa’s course has inspired me to get grounded, center myself, and allow the inspirations of my heart to lead me forward into inspired action. I realize that time management as a busy woman in the world begins with me. It is possible with these simple steps that lead to big change in my life! ” 
Mary S.

Broadest Definition of Wellness

“Melissa Kalt’s range is unusual for a triple board certified physician. She is a highly intuitive healer and brings a wide-range of skills to all her work including but not limited to her medical practice, and her manner is completely open and approachable. All her work is grounded in compassion and a passion for the broadest definition of wellness.”
– Sara S

Profound Impact on My Well-Being

"I knew there had to be a GREAT way to view medical/health information, so I could better see how it all fits together! Our bodies are one entity so why aren't they described as a whole? When I called the American Cancer Society for treatment ideas, all they would speak to is radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. They simply didn't speak to the whole of me! This book does! I now have a framework for understanding all-around health! Even better, I feel validated in looking to even how making simple life changes can have a profound impact on my well being!" 
Shawna B

Opens the Mind to What's Possible

My experience working with Melissa has been one of transformation and growth. She bridges western, allopathic medicine with creativity, intuition, and spirituality in a truly unique way. I was delighted to see her create that bridge in this book. Her easy-to-read description of complex material made the science understandable, while her integrative perspective opens the mind to what’s possible.
Nicola H

Feeling More Energized Already!

This book is eye opening in so many ways. The examples given are so helpful to understand the content of the book. I'm feeling less fatigued and more energized already! I highly recommend this read!
Kari G

Remedy That's Within Your Grasp

This is the book for those who have tried it all and believe they will never feel well rested and rejuvenated again. Here, in just a few pages, Dr. Melissa provides the remedy that's within your grasp in just a few easy steps. You will feel well rested and rejuvenated in no time.
Dawn T

Starting to Imagine What's Possible

OMG!! I’ve been so tired for so long! Now I understand why! More importantly, I understand how to change it, and without feeling badly, as if I’ve been doing something wrong all these years. I’m starting to imagine what’s possible! Many thanks to Dr Kalt for giving me the map!
Sammy A.

Practical, Humorous, Compassionate

Wonderful book - practical, humorous, compassionate
Patti H.


Dr. Kalt has shown again how our mind and spirit affects our physical state. She shows us how to identify the mental conflicts that produce fatigue and how to minimize these conflicts. A MUST READ for anyone dealing with fatigue!
Kathy M.

Great Introduction to Self

I believe this book is great introduction to self. For me, it sparked my thinking about how I respond or react to certain things and why and from where those emotions, or any emotion, begin.

Wish This Book Was Available 25 Years Ago.

I wish this book was available 25 years ago. After a very troubling experience, I spent years looking for a balance in my life that would allow me to accept who I am. Dr. Kalt has shown why the imbalance occurs and how to free yourself from it. Very insightful and well written.

Could Not Put the 'Book' Down

The book has taken a complex topic and treated it amazingly beautifully with stories, medicine and how the brain works. Dr. Kalt has taken trauma and simplified it to a lay person with humor and vulnerability. I read the ebook on the cloud in one sitting. Could not put the 'book' down. This book reminds me of how often one suppresses some feelings and then one does not know how to deal with them any more. Thank you Dr. Melissa Kalt! I now need to take some action!

Be Prepared to Be Energized

Enjoy - this is a powerful book with a LOT of messages written with humor, compassion and love. Melissa has a gift and the Free Yourself series is it! Be prepared to be energized.

We're experiencing a global challenge.

And if you're healing from narcissistic abuse, you have quite a personal challenge.

Are you ready to jump on the opportunity it brings? YES! Take action now, while it’s fresh on your mind.

It very well might be the silver lining in this whole experience.

But Wait - Is It Okay If I Give You More?

 Look, I truly want you to release the weight of the world--the fear, panic, uncertainty, sadness, and stress of others.  

And I want you to learn how to transform your own stress and trauma into inspired action through clarity.  (You can only get clear when you eliminate the stress, then eliminate the trauma.)

So to really sweeten the deal here's what I'm willing to do IF YOU'RE ONE OF THE FIRST 5 PEOPLE TO ORDER RIGHT NOW... If you're one of the first 5 people to order right now, I'll gift you one Heal Yourself, Heal the World Session! 

Each one-hour group session includes clearing your energy field, grounding your mind, emotions, and spirit into your physical body, reconnecting to your TWO power sources, extracting trauma, and recalibrating your system to create an immediate sense of calm, peace, and possibility.

Heal Yourself, Heal the World sessions are offered every Monday morning  via Zoom webinar (participants may be anonymous) for $100.

The first 5 people to order will only invest $47 to get EVERYTHING in this offer, including one  complimentary virtual Heal Yourself.  Heal the World session!

Am I crazy? Maybe. And maybe I just really care about you.


Order right now and get everything for only $147

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  •  Stress-Free Toolkit ($297)
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  •  Bonus 3:  Free Yourself  - Stress & Anxiety  ($97)
  •  Bonus 4:  Need More Time?  Set a Plan  PDFs ($17)
  •  Bonus 5:  A Stress-Free Diet Handout ($7)
  •  Bonus 6:  At Home Stress-Busters Handout ($7)
  •  Bonus 7:  Boost Your Immunity Handout ($7)
  •  Bonus 8:  Virtual, Group Healing Session ($100)

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  •  Anger that Works for You, Not Against You
  • The Key to Stop Holding Onto Other's Emotions
  •  Enjoyable Time  with Those You Love
  • How to Stop Making Your Family Feel Your Stress
  • A Dramatic Decrease in Stress and Fear TODAY
  • The Tools to Stop Stress Before It Starts
  • Sense of Calm, Even in the Craziest of Times
  • Peace of Mind
  • EMPOWERED Ability to Choose Your Mood

30-Day "Love It Or You Pay Nothing" Guarantee

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